Top Travel Apps 2018

From catching flights to finding your next meal, traveling involves a lot of small details. Luckily, all of these details can be handled from the palm of your hands. Whether you’re an avid Apple user or an Android fan like myself, here are 5 free apps you can use to simplify your next trip!

TripIt: TripIt is a personal itinerary that is curated just for you! This app will organize everything from flights to shows, to excursions in one big schedule. As soon as you book your plans simply forward the email, and TripIt will add it to your itinerary in chronological order. I really like TripIt because it includes the confirmation numbers, times, bus stop locations, and all the fine details you may forget. No need to worry about printing out tickets, or flipping through email confirmations! Android | Apple

Skiplagged: I mentioned this app in my finding an affordable flight article but it’s so useful I had to mention it again! This will help you find last-minute flights at a very affordable rate. It also finds hidden flights that will not appear in your regular search results. Skiplagged finds flights both domestically and internationally. Android | Apple

HERE WeGo: Kiss Google Maps goodbye for good! A friend in Serbia told me about this app and I’ve been in love ever since. Here We Go provides step by step GPS services for walking, biking or driving regardless if you are online or offline. This GPS is great for traveling out of the country or anywhere you are not familiar with. Just make sure to download your country location while you are connected to WiFi or cellular data. I will never remove this app from my phone! Android | Apple

Couchsurfing Hangouts: It’s no secret that CouchSurfing provides non-traditional and feasible accommodation options. However, I have gotten more use out of the CouchSurfing Hangouts feature which allows you to connect with travelers who are in the same location. It is similar to Bumble BFF, but for travelers who may want to meet up to explore the city or grab some food. Couchsurfing Hangouts has allowed me to connect with travelers who are interested in blogging and photography! Android | Apple

XECurrency: Was that muffin and OJ really worth €4.50? Before I make a shopping decision, I love to put it into my currency converter to make sure it’s a choice I’d make back home. There are several currency converters out there but this is by far one of the best, as they keep the conversion rates live and up to date. Android | Apple

**I’ve linked all of these apps for both Apple and Android above! Try them out on your next trip and let me know what you think! What are some of your favorite travel apps?

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