The Pint Sized Traveler Turns 1: The Highs, Lows + Lessons

It’s officially been one year since I made my passion of travel and writing into something I could be proud of. I’ve put a lot into this blog, and I’ve gained a love and passion for what I’ve created. I’ve given this whole blogging thing a chance in the past & it fell through. Completely. But, it was completely different then. I had no vision then, I had no direction and I had no identity to show the world at the time. The name of that blog is way to embarrassing to even reveal. This time around, I had each of those things + more, and that has made all the difference. To say creating this blog was a walk in the park would be a lie, so let’s rewind and look back at some of the highs, lows, + lessons learned along the way.


1. I’ve found my voice.

Finding my voice online is one thing, but establishing my voice offline is another. By establishing my voice online it has helped me maintain authenticity + love for deeper connections offline. I wholeheartedly believe in being the same person on and offline. Given their obvious differences, the two have fused together in a way that I’m proud of.

2. Partnerships

I  absolutely love trying new things, and volunteering to be the “guinea pig” so to speak. This year has allowed me to partner with amazing companies that I stand behind 100% like Saranghae, The Marktgasse Hotel, Bluehost, + more.

3. I’ve learned how to lean into faith.

I’ve told this story a jillion times because it was just that traumatic. Before launching The Pint Sized Traveler, I  was hopeful that I had everything I needed to make this blog everything I dreamed of. I had like 5670 GoPro accessories, my MacBook, expensive editing software, my tripod, my phone. I was geared UP and just knew it guaranteed success! In just the blink of an eye…all of it was gone, someone stole just about everything. I was devastated + I  thought my vision had come to a sad end. I  quickly learned that when I put my faith in things, they will easily let me down. When I put my faith in God, there’s no power on Earth that can stop what He has planned for me.


1. Balancing Grace + Grind

This blog is like my little home. It would be amazing if this blog reaches the masses one day. However, in the height of traveling I reached a point where I realized I was putting more time into my blog than the person who gave me the vision to do it. God. It was a heartbreaking thing to come to terms with, but it also made me realize where I could stretch my faith and realize that I already have God’s grace in all things.

2. Patience

There is still so many times where I psych myself out and think “What if this is just a waste of my time?!” Then I realize regardless if it is I  truly love what I’m doing and if I were to be successful at this point in time that it would’ve been gained too easily. I just wouldn’t appreciate it the way I  should. Besides, harvesting good fruit takes time, and year 1 of blogging was just a seed.  

3. Lack of Audience/Engagement

I’d like to think every blogger experiences a period where it seems like they are just screaming into the abyss. No matter how much time or work you put into something, it might not be recognized the way you want it to be. There was certainly a time where I thought I was just occupying space. I’ve quickly learned to shift my perspective, and give my all for the one or two people who will find my work helpful.

To end this on a positive, this blog is everything I wanted it to be and more. I’m excited to see how God will use this platform in the next 365 days and I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Finally, I want to thank you.

Thank you so much to everyone has done so much as liking, commenting, or glancing at my work online. Nothing is more valuable than your time. The fact that you’ve spared something so valuable to enter my space makes me so grateful. I  love creating, whether that’s with my words or with my camera. Thank you for seeing the value in what I love doing. To everyone who has given me supportive words over the last 365 days, even if it was a “I see you!” Lol, thank you. Thank you so much. Each and every last comment, DM, phone call or text message, I can guarantee was something I needed at the time. I  appreciate you letting God use you in my life. To my family and my friends, thank you for your undying support. Never once have you made me feel like I wasn’t going to do something great in this world. Your support and love for me has been the only thing that can keep me going some days. 

Upwards and onwards,

The Pint Sized Traveler