The Art of Prayer: Praying to Improve our Daily Life + Decision Making

Last fall I found myself in place that I never imagined. I woke up unmotivated, I constantly had flashbacks to unpleasant times in my life, I constantly focused on the could’ve, should’ve and would’ves. I couldn’t say I was happy. If I did, I was lying. However, for a long time I had several distractions that relieved me from those feelings. I had nights out, I had family, I had relationships, but the feelings of unhappiness remained.

Eventually my unhappiness drove all of my distractions away and all I was left with was myself and those awful thoughts. I thought, “This is it. Now I’m really going to sink into a terrible place, I have no one to help me out of this.” It scared me, and there was no way I could turn it around on my own, because by this time my mind was programmed to think the worst.

I found myself in the shower on a Wednesday morning, and the only words I could heard were “Just pray. Just try it.” Because I felt like I couldn’t get any lower, I did. I didn’t know what to say, so I just spoke to God as if I were coming clean to a friend or partner. Of course things didn’t turn around immediately, but I felt better and that small act of prayer was a major step towards the blessing I call my life now. I’m so thankful for that Wednesday morning.

Many times we feel like we’ve fallen so far off the wagon or that we’re in too deep that we can’t possibly turn to God. We may have hurt people, we may have done things we aren’t proud of, or just lived a life that doesn’t reflect what is in our hearts. I can say I’ve done all three, and I felt ashamed to pray as if I wasn’t living differently. Sometimes I still do.

Prayer however, is the only thing that can keep you on the straight and narrow path to a life of fulfillment. Prayer is the only way we can build a relationship with God and allow His voice in our lives. Otherwise, we won’t hear anything and God won’t interject where He’s not asked to.

Life may be a challenge for you right now, but there’s so much God could easily reveal to you if you are open to have a conversation with him. The more we pray and ask for His understanding, the louder his voice will be in our life.

Prayer in general can be a challenge. We might feel silly as if we’re just speaking out loud, but God doesn’t mind. Prayer should be something that feels natural to you. Some people like to get on their knees and close their eyes. Others like to bow their heads, or clasp their hands together.

Find what feels good to you and keep doing that. I like to speak to God as if I’m speaking to my best friend, or like I speak to myself. He accepts it all and He loves when we make time for Him.

If you are going through a challenging time right now, I urge you to stop looking for solutions and consider this blog post one. Pray first and listen next. Then pray again, and then again. When we pray and then listen we are letting God know we want to hear His voice so He can pull us out and place us back on top like He wants to.

If you find it challenging to pray use this prayer I’ve written down below until you find your own words. Start with this as soon as you wake up and let God go to work in your life.

Until next time,

The Pint Sized Traveler


Thank you for waking me up this morning. I can see this morning! I can walk this morning! Thank you! Thank you for placing 24 brand new hours before me. I will look at all beings with eyes of compassion and understanding just as you do. I ask that you renew my understanding of your plan for my life, and allow me to have a sensitive ear to your voice. I don’t want to just be busy today, I want to be productive in working towards your plan. I pray that all distractions are removed. Thank you for the continuous joy you’ve placed in my heart, because I know that joy can only come from you. Thank you for placing exactly who I need in my life. I also want to thank you for removing those who were not a part of your plan! Thank you for allowing my family, friends and I to have favor with all men. I want to dispatch your angels all around them today, let them be safe when they come and safe when they go! Thank you for placing everyone and everything they need along their paths already. I know you have a plan for us all, and Lord continue to reveal it to us so that we can fulfill it. Give us the words to speak and let us know when it is time to listen. I want to ask that you continue to manifest the gifts you’ve placed in me. Thank you for new ideas and inventions. I want all of my choices, words and actions to be a reflection of you, because if you´re not in it, then I don’t want it! Amen!”