Six Questions for the Solo Travel Expert

It is my hope to inspire others to travel and to see the world for themselves. I asked you all to give me a few questions about traveling solo, and I came up with some answers that I hope will help you plan your next adventure.

“What do you like about solo traveling?”

Ah! This is so hard to answer. I think the benefits of solo traveling outweigh the drawbacks. But, I’ll limit myself to two things! I like how solo traveling will throw you into situations that force you to find solutions. Once you make your first solo trip you will find that there’s nothing you can’t do. Another thing I love about solo traveling is all the friends I’ve made. By making friends I’ve learned about a lot of resources that I can share with my readers and friends back home. I also feel like I know someone everywhere I go now, and that’s a comforting feeling.

“What do you dislike about solo traveling? “

There’s not much to say here! The only disadvantage to solo traveling is not having an extra set of eyes if you screw up a little bit. Not too long ago, I rushed off a bus in Prague and completely left my wallet! A massive screwup! I got it back in perfect condition after an hour of panicking, but I feel like I’d have less of those situations if I had a travel companion.

“How did you afford to make your big Euro trip?”

Honestly, this is probably not the answer you want but…I saved saved saved! I was always told I should have a savings account so I put money away every time I was paid. It sucked to not have access to that money, but I had to stop seeing it that way. Eventually after seeing my savings go up, it became addicting. I knew it would be a huge help one day but I had no idea that I would be using that money to fund my dreams. Totally worth it! Thanks past me!

“What should I pack on a solo trip?”

This totally depends on how long you will be gone, I think! When I took my first solo trip to Amsterdam it was 5 days long. I packed as if I were going out of town for a week. 6 casual outfits, one outfit that I could easily switch into a night out, one nice dress, three pairs of shoes, and two pairs of pajamas. If you are taking a longer trip, pack for two weeks but pack using a color palette that allows you to create new looks. As for undergarments, my rule of thumb is: bring enough for a whole week  and throw in some extras.  Check out my female solo travel packing list and my essentials guide for more in-depth packing lists.

“I want to take an extensive trip somewhere but I’m scared, how would you suggest getting over the fear of traveling alone?”

This is a common problem so you are not alone! Solo traveling is still a little scary for me too, believe it or not! My suggestion to get over this fear is to start small 🙂 Take a cruise with a friend or your family, and do a little exploring of the ship on your own. Play some ship games and meet some of the other passengers. The next step would be to take a weekend trip somewhere alone. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to see a particular museum or city that’s near your hometown. I would suggest that you leave for the weekend and take some time to explore! Afterwards, really assess how you felt about the experience. Did you enjoy spending time alone? Would you have planned more in advance or went with the flow? The most important part is listening to your inner self. Solo traveling doesn’t have to be for everyone but I absolutely believe we are all capable of doing it, and doing it successfully!

“Do you ever get lonely traveling alone?”

Yes! More lately than ever before. It’s not that I get lonely, but there are so many people in my personal life that I would love to share these experiences with. When solo traveling I tend to do the things I like only. I think if you travel with others you will see your destination in a way you wouldn’t have before. Through solo traveling I’ve learned to appreciate the company of others. Now I look forward to the next time I can share traveling with family or friends.

If you have any other questions about solo travel comment them down below or feel free to send them via direct message on Instagram.

Until next time,

The Pint Sized Traveler

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