Scared To Fly? 4 Tips To Help You Overcome Plane Anxiety

Dedicating this blog post for all my “I don’t do planes” folks. Flight anxiety is real, but should that automatically count you out when it comes to seeing all the great things our world has to offer. Absolutely not. Flight anxiety isn’t a choice and unfortunately, if you have deal with it, you may always have to conquer it. None the less, travel is still for you too! As we continue to see things on the news about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and even more recently the Ethiopian Airlines crash, it’s like…how am I supposed to ever be comfortable getting on a plane now? It can feel like a real gamble of your life, but on the other side is the possibility that you get on your flight, you land, you make once in a life time memories, and return one piece.

Building up to that is easier said than done so here are 4 tips to help you fight through your flight:

Don’t focus on the technical.

Anybody else wonder how a 200,000 pound aircraft is able to fly at all? Well, don’t. Worrying about all the moving parts about air travel can really trigger your anxiety. Listening out for every sound the plane makes, or any irregular movements will make your flight less enjoyable. Control the senses. Bring an eye mask and download a podcast. Start associating your time in the sky with relaxation for future trips 😉 Fuzzy socks are one my plane essentials!

Choose your seat with intent.

If you are a visual person, it may not be best to choose a window seat. If you think you’ll need the flight crew often, choose a seat in the middle of the plane or in the rear.

Induce relaxation.

If you’re on an extended flight, pack some melatonin and a neck pillow. Take some melatonin 30 minutes to an hour before your flight. (With an opinion from your doctor, of course!) From personal experience, taking a nap or going to sleep makes time go by. Turns off those anxious thoughts you’d have otherwise, and rest up!

Remind yourself you still have some control.

While you’re on the flight, take a walk to the bathroom or to the back of the plane once, twice, or however much you need. Walking and restoring feeling in your legs can help you feel grounded even if your miles in the sky.

Anxiety sucks, and plane anxiety shouldn’t hold you back from the experiencing seeing the world. What are some things that help you get on a plane? Lend some help and leave any advice you have down below!

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