Paris: Through The Eyes of Baldwin

1. Les Deux Magots

Location: 6 Place Saint-Germain des Prés, 75006 Paris, France

One of Baldwin’s first stops following his move to Paris was at Les Deux Magots. It was at this coffeehouse that Baldwin met with Richard Wright, author of Native Son and Zero the publication that released Baldwin’s Notes of a Native Son. Today Les Deux Magot’s receives several visitors from all over the world, as this coffeehouse has hosted a number of notable writers, artists, and musicians. Much of the interior has been well preserved and kept true to its Parisian style. Enjoy a coffee or a cocktail just as Baldwin did at this very location. Although, the prices at Les Deux Magots are a bit steep and more than likely 3 times more than they were at the time of Baldwin’s time in Paris.

2. Rue De Vurneil

Location: Rue De Vurneil 75007 Paris, France

Rue De Vurneil (Vurneil Street) hidden away in the 7th district of Paris, Rue De Vurneil is where Baldwin spent many days and nights in budget hotels during his first years in Paris. Quaint, quiet, and only 450 meters long you will no longer find a street full of budget hotels besides the Hotel Vurneil. Much of the street is full of small bakeries, butcheries, garment shops and small apartments it is however still worth strolling down. The street boasts a chic, and traditional Parisian atmosphere.

3. Le Select


tion: 99 Boulevard du Montparnasse 75006 Paris, France

Le Select is an American Bar and is also known as one of Paris’s notable brassieres in the Left Bank. Baldwin spent hours on the second floor writing his romance novel Giovanni’s Room. Like Les Deux Magots, Le Select still maintains it’s Parisian wicker chairs and quintessential 1920’s style.

4. Café de Flore

Location: 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France

Located in the heart of the Left Bank, and near Rue De Vurneil Café de Flore is one of Paris’ oldest and most historical coffeehouses. Once a place for many talented writers, painters and musicians alike Café de Flore was often frequented by a young Baldwin where he wrote and rewrote his novel Go Tell It On The Mountain. Whether

ou decide to have a meal and coffee here, Café de Flore is worth a visit. It’s interior design has changed very little since Baldwin’s time spent there.

5. 6 Rue Christine 6

Location: Rue Christine 75006 Paris, France

Located in the Latin Quarter in the 6th District you will find one of Baldwin’s Parisian apartments. Only 96 meters in distance you will easily find building number 6 where Baldwin lived for some time. Rue Christine and the Latin Quarter is now a popular location for many students who live in the city.

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