My 5-Step Korean Skincare Routine: Saranghe Review + How To Video

From oil cleansers to bamboo water, K-Beauty has been ALL the craze these days. I have to admit, I was quite skeptical of the K-Beauty bandwagon. Why not? There’s tons of brands that advertise giving you flawless skin, only to deliver you empty promises with a hefty price tag. I’ve always been encouraged to accept my skin the way it is. Dark circles? They happen. Hyperpigmentation? Just embrace it. However, pampering my skin is something that also makes me feel confident so, I was thrilled to try out Saranghae, a Korean inspired skincare line. Saranghae is most know for their 5-step skincare system. It promises to heal, regenerate and protect your skin in just 45 days. Click here to watch my 5-step routine.

This is Saranghae’s 5-step skincare system (mask not pictured here). Saranghae products are intended for people of all ages who have oily, dry or combination skin types. Whether your goal is anti-aging, combatting fine lines, or reducing the appearance of facial scars, Saranghae’s skin care system covers almost every common skin issue. As a person with sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation has always been my biggest issue.  I have used products that have helped reduce it, but patience is the only thing that’s really worked until I started using Saranghae.

Before The 45 Days

After spending a month backpacking through Western Europe in October, my skin took a serious turn for the worst. I suddenly had dry patches underneath my eyes, irritated bug bites on my face, and an absolutely dull complexion due to the sudden change in weather. Once I returned home, it was all too convenient that my Saranghae skincare system was waiting on my doorstep. My skin needed a drastic regeneration so I was eager to start.

What’s in this 5-step skin care routine?

Saranghae Nourishing and Moisturizing Cleanser:

This cleanser has quickly became my holy grail. It is a gentle, botanical-based oil cleanser used to remove everything from your daily makeup to deeply buried toxins. The two main ingredients are truffle oil, to provide the skin with healthy antioxidants and fatty acids, and gold to carry oxygen to your new skin cells. The icing on the cake? It smells amazing.

Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask:

This was my absolute favorite part of the skincare system! This sheet mask is infused with Sarhangae’s CoQ10 and hyaluronic acids. Saranghae promises that this mask is unlike any mask you’ve tried before, and sis. They’re not lying. The mask is to be used only once a week, but I wanted to use it everyday. I was hooked to the way my skin felt after. The mask immediatley delivers a relieving sensation and a supple texture to your skin. I recieved compliments on my skin every time that I put this mask on in the morning! Whew. Chile. THIS. IS. A. MASK.

Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence and Serum:

I don’t know who needed to hear this but girl, throw that harsh toner away. This serum is what you’re missing. Applying the serum is the third but one of the most important steps to this routine. It balances your skin’s pH levels, so you can finally say “peace out” to those surprise pimples while putting moisture back into your skin. It also contains antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins that feed your living skin cells with only the good stuff. A little goes a long way with this serum, but you’ll be tempted to slather it all over.

Saranghae Firm and Lift Regeneration Cream:

I know I’ve been saying this a lot but, THIS WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS.  Even after the promised 45 days, I continue to put this cream on morning and night. It traps moisture into my face all day long regardless of what the weather is doing. How? This cream has organic Sang Hwang mushroom and ginseng. It fights against horomone imbalances and keeps your skin at bay. As soon as I press this cream into my face, I feel like I’ve received a whole new set of skin. My skin has never felt this soft in my life, and because of that this will remain a beauty staple!

Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream:

I NEVER thought I needed eye cream until I tried Saranghae’s. For what? I’m still young and kicking baby! After using this for 45 days, I quickly learned eye cream is not only for those who want to get rid of or prevent eye bags. I’ve always had issues with dry skin around my eyes during colder seasons, but I never had to experience that this year.  It provided a daily surge of vitamin B3, elastin, and collagen to my eye area including my lids! This cream works well with the regeneration cream.

The Outcome:

My main concern was to rid my face of dark marks and to give my face a surge of moisture. Saranghae delivered and made sure both of those things happened. Dark marks caused by old breakouts have almost completely vanished or have faded dramatically. I’m in awe that I was able to see a difference in my skin in just 45 days, but the proof is in their ingredients. Saranghae chooses honest ingredients that are carefully combined to feed your skin the best that nature can give. My skin has completely adjusted and continues to maintain itself even if I don’t do the full 5-step routine. Throughout the last 45 days, I’ve learned not only to accept my skin, but that when I give my skin products it loves, it shows. You can see my before and after Saranghae progress here!

Think you might be ready for a 45-day skincare routine? You can find the complete 5-step skincare system here or mix and match their products based on what you need by visiting their product page here.

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*I received these products for free for review purposes. However, transparency is my personal policy. You can trust that these opinions are 100% my own.

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