LUSH Buffy Dupe + VIDEO

Updated: May 28, 2020

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 1 cup cocoa butter

  2. 1 cup raw shea butter

  3. 1/4 cup dry white rice

  4. 1/4 cup dry red beans

  5. An essential oil and/or your favorite perfume

  6. A mold of your choice! This is the one I use. It’s perfect for making a large batch and cutting pieces as you need them 😊


  1. Grind your rice and beans into a fine mixture. I use a NutriBullet, but a coffee grinder or blender will work fine! You can grind the rice and beans into a powder-like substance, or you can leave it chunkier. (This depends on how you l

    ke to exfoliate. If you prefer a gentle exfoliation, blend it well.)

  2. Melt your butter in a double boiler for 4-5 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds to 1 minute. You may need more or less time depending on your heat setting. (You can also use a microwave, also making sure to stir your mixtur

    every 30 seconds to 1 minute!)

  3. Add your essential oil or perfume and continue stirring until evenly mixed.

  4. Remove your mixture from the heat and mix in your dry ingredients. Stir as you do this!

  5. Let your butter stand for 7-10 minutes. Don’t wait too long or it will be challenging to pour into your mold. It should be at a slightly thicker consistency but not completely chunky.

  6. Pour or pack your freshly mixed butter into your molding.

  7. Let your butter cool and solidify! You can let it sit in the molding overnight, or place it in the freezer for half an hour.

That’s it! 7 steps! It’s time to use your body butter!


  1. Gently scrub your butter in desired areas after you’ve cleansed, and rinse off any excess product.

  2. Once you’ve finished using your body butter keep it in a dry and cool place, like a soap dish. (I personally use my washcloth to pat my body butter dry and store it in a LUSH tin until I need to use it again.)

This body butter will change your life and shower routine forever! You can even keep one next to your sink to moisturize your hands after washing them!

Until next time,

The Pint Sized Traveler

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