Hostel Review: Hostel Swanky Mint (Zagreb, Croatia)

Check-In Process

I arrived to the Swanky Mint hours before my check-in time at 2 PM. I was greeted by one of their lovely volunteers immediately, and she kindly asked if I would like to store my luggage in their storage room while I explored the city. The staff also gave me the option to expedite my check-in process, so that once I returned from exploring I could just settle in right away (after my free welcome shot of Croatian liquor that is.) I found the staff at Swanky Mint incredibly helpful with providing shopping advice and information about visiting Plitvice National Park. I don’t think my trip to Plitvice could have happened without them! They even went above and beyond to check the weather forecast for me!

Dorm Quality

The Swanky Mint appears so small from the street view, but its actually really huge! I was lucky enough to score a dorm right next to the check-in desk so I didn’t have to brave the stairs with my heavy backpack. I chose an 11 person deluxe dorm, and I was pleased with the entire room. The room is equipped with individual lockers and a handful of bunkbeds. Some of the beds have three bunks while others have only two. The stairs leading up to the second and third bunks were staggered wooden stairs that were wide enough to be used safely. Additionally, each bed comes with its own funky patterned privacy curtain and overhead lamp. They also include not one but two power outlets! The Swanky Mint assigns rooms at check-in so if you have a preference, I suggest you make this known to the receptionist. If you prefer privacy, the hostel also has private dorm options on a separate floor!

Bathroom Quality

The bathroom was equipped with two sinks, a hair dryer, a separate toilet area, and shower room. The facility was extremely clean throughout my short stay there. The hostel keeps a cleaning schedule and maintains it throughout the day. I really liked how environmentally conscious the hostel is. They provide fabric towels for hand drying and they have pre-measured toilet paper. They also provide free towels to all guests!

Eating/Cooking Facilities

As for as breakfast, guests have the option to pay €4 for the breakfast buffet each morning, which I found very affordable compared to other hostels. The buffet was a nice spread of pastries, cereal, fruit and juices. However, the hostel also has a very cozy and spacious kitchen to be used by all hostel guests. Guest are free to take a trip to the grocery store and keep their items in the community fridge which is key for most budget travelers. The hostel keeps a very organized and clean kitchen facility providing, food labels, plates, cups and silverware. One day during my stay, one of the hostel volunteers made a tasty soup and salad which was free of charge to anyone who wanted some. The Swanky Mint really fosters a culture of community and family, I enjoyed every minute of it!

Dorm Prices

As far as overall affordability, I would give the Swanky Mint 4 out of 5 stars. I stayed at the hostel for 4 nights and paid a total of about $30 USD. For the quality of the hostel, the shared facilities and the location, the price was fair overall.

My Rating = 5/5

I would more than likely stay at Hostel Swanky Mint again. The staff was charming and it would be awesome to see where this hostel is in a few years time. I was able to chat with the manager of the hostel, Lovro and his hospitality made my stay memorable in a positive way. The staff really make time to mingle and get to know each of their visitors. Once it was time to leave they even offered to help me pack my backpack! I honestly didn’t want to leave these sweet people behind. This hostel has really set a new standard for me and anyone who is able to stay at The Hostel Swanky Mint would be lucky.

Do you have any plans to visit Zagreb soon or in the future? Let me know in the comments!

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The Pint Sized Traveler

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