Finding Affordable Flights: Tips + Tricks to Score That Cheap Flight!

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty disappointed that it’s 2018, and our cars still don’t fly. In a perfect world, we’d all have our own affordable planes that could fly anywhere! How convenient but equally horrifying would that be? Since this is not the case, I have put together a guide for you to find your next flight deal. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, these references will help you tremendously!

Savvy Travelers Travel During Off-Season

To find cheap flights, I suggest traveling during off-season (November-March). Flights are exponentially cheaper at this time of year, and so are accommodations, Furthermore, the large wave of tourists have passed!

Be Flexible

When it comes to days of travel, be flexible on your travel dates and your airport of arrival. Sometimes, it may be cheaper to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday as opposed to a Friday or Sunday. Other times it may be cheaper to fly to an airport 2 hours from your destination and buy a train ticket, than to fly directly into your destination city. Play with the possibilities and see just how much you can save!

Utilize Different Flight Search Engines

Listed below are some of my favorite flight search engines. I use them for all of my traveling arrangements and I don’t plan on ever looking back! Hope you find them just as useful.

1. Google Flights

Now I mentioned this tool in a previous article, but I must mention it again because it is my absolute favorite. Before you begin using Google Flights make sure you’re using your Internet browser in incognito mode. To do this, right click with your mouse and select “New browser in incognito mode” and wah-lah! If you’re using your browser in incognito mode, your browser won’t trick you into paying more for the same flight! Insane! I know.

This is a good tool to use to play with the possibilities. Google offers a map feature that allows you to see prices of flights on a map. If you’re up to traveling anywhere, this could be a really fun game of “Where can I travel to for the cheapest price?”

2. Skiplagged

I learned out about Skiplagged two years ago and boy, do I love this one especially for domestic flights! Skiplagged is a tool that helps you find hidden flights to reach your destination. For instance a flight from Atlanta to Charlotte may be $184. However, a flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia that has a layover in Charlotte may only be $113. That’s a $71 difference! Skiplagged will help you find these hidden flights so you don’t have to spend unnecessary money for the same trip. I love this tool because it outsmarts airfare calculations. Which who even came up with that and how do they make sense of it? I don’t know, but thank God for Skiplagged!

3. Hopper App

I use Hopper much less than the previous tools I mentioned but, it’s great for flight predictions and it’s free! Hopper allows you to put in your desired flight and will color code flight dates by how expensive or inexpensive it will be. Hopper organizes their tool by calendar months and uses green for inexpensive, orange for mid-range and red for really expensive. If you’re looking to only spend a certain amount on airfare you can set an alert for Hopper to notify you when flights have reached your price point or less. I would suggest only using Hopper to decide when to travel. From there it would be best to use Skiplagged or Google Flights to find the flight you want.

4. Book With The Source

The last and most important tip once you have found your affordable flight, is to book directly with the airline. This will minimize unnecessary booking fees from third-party websites. Additionally, should you need to make changes the process will be less of a pain.

I hope these tips help you in planning your next trip! After all, airfare can be the most expensive part of traveling but there’s no way around it. After using these tools, you will be surprised at all of the places you can afford to visit.

What’s the best airfare deal you’ve found? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

The Pint Sized Traveler

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