Dealing with Travel Mishaps

Less planning allows for more flexibility Now, this tip might sound crazy, especially for the Type A folks, but this is the foundation of a great trip. The less that’s planned, the more freedom you have to wander into that cool shop you saw earlier, or sit around and chat with the lovely friend you met. Don’t get me wrong though. It’s totally great to plan a few key activities, but don’t plan it all. What if the weather gets nasty or if you find something similar at a better rate? I don’t even need to explain how cancellations and refunds can be a pain to deal with! Save yourself the headache of planning it all in advance, and go with the flow.

Travel insurance

I didn’t think I’d need this either. Before I started my backpacking trip I thought, “What could possibly go wrong? I’m extremely organized.” That was until my things were stolen! Things can go wrong even if it’s not a doing of our own. Of course my airline will replace what is missing

but only within certain limits. So, whatever is not covered my travel insurance will take care of! I say all of this to say, travel insurance is a great security blanket to have especially when traveling far from home. Several times people come down with illnesses, stolen items or missed flights. If you invest a couple of dollars in travel insurance on the front end, you won’t have to worry about incurring the expenses on the back end. Thus, you can ease your mind and enjoy your trip! The insurance I’m using at this moment is Crum & Foster through USAA 😊

Remaining in the Present Moment If we practice mindfulness in the midst of awful situations, the only choice we are left with is to enjoy ourselves! Worrying about what went wrong is in the past, and worrying about what could go wrong is in the future. Two places you‘re mind shouldn’t be when you’re on a beautiful beach in the Maldives. 😉 Next time you’re traveling and something goes wrong. I hope you keep these points in mind. No circumstance should be great enough to stop you from enjoying the fruits of your harvest. These tips have allowed me to continue enjoying my current trip while dealing with my stolen items, so I’m positive that they work! The things stolen or missed are replaceable but the experiences that we have are not. Choose to focus on what matters. Until next time, The Pint Sized Traveler

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