4 Must-Have Safety Items For The Solo Female Traveler

Ladies, could this be your year for solo travel? I surely hope so. There’s so much out there waiting for you to see! Safety is a huge concern so here are 4 things you can pack with you whether you are traveling alone, or with a partner.

1. A rubber doorstop.

Yep! It’s small but strong. If you’re staying at an Airbnb or hotel just place the doorstop in front of the door for an added layer of security.

2. A bag that wraps around the body.

A bag such as a messenger bag or fanny pack. If anyone tries to reach for your things you’ll be sure to know. If possible, use one with a zipper! Always position the bag in your frontal view and always keep it zipped.

3. A bottle of mace/pepper spray.

Should worse come to worst, a bottle of pepper spray would be useful in a dangerous situation. Be sure to pack this in your checked luggage until you reach your final destination.

4. The number of the local police in your back pocket or saved to your contacts.

Try to do this before you leave! However, many phones have a emergency calling feature. For example, if I press the power button on my phone three times the police is automatically dialed. Be familiar with how to use this setting on your phone!

What are some of your safety tips? Do you have any hacks that make you feel just a bit safer while traveling? Leave them in the comments to help another traveler 🙋🏾‍

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