11 Useful Phrases to Learn Before Traveling to Cuba

Worried those few semesters of Spanish class haven’t prepared you for your trip to Cuba? Unlike Mexico and Spain you won’t find many English speakers in Cuba, so it would be best to know some basic phrases to get by.

Knowing these basic Spanish phrases will serve you well and the Cuban people will appreciate your efforts to assimilate to their way of life.

Below are a list of phrases you will more than likely use on a daily basis while in Cuba. From my experience, these phrases will assist you in just about every situation you find yourself in!

  1. Hola/Buenas… (Hello)

  2. Gracías. (Thank you)

  3. De nada (You’re welcome)

  4. ¿Me traes la carts, por favor? (Can I have the menu please?)

  5. ¿Cuanto es…? (How much is..?) *In reference to the price of an item.

  6. Buenas! Tres tarjetas WiFi, por favor. (Hello! Three WiFi cards, please.) *In reference to purchasing Internet usage while in Cuba. Tres can be changed to uno (one) or dos (two.) The maximum that can be purchased at once is three cards.

  7. ¿Dónde está…? (Where is…?)

  8. ¿Dónde están los taxi colectivos? (Where are the taxi colectivos?)

  9. Necisito taxi al aeropuerto, por favor. (I need a taxi to the airport please.) *In reference to asking for a taxi to the airport. Al aeropuerto can be switched with the name of a place or esta direccíon (this address).

  10. ¡Disculpe! (Excuse me!)

  11. El último (The last) *In reference to joining a line. Lines in Cuba are rarely single file. Life is very laid back so you will find many people standing around while waiting for their turn. In order to know the order simply say “¿El último?” and the last person will raise their hand.

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