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Hi, I'm Ambria but you can call me Bria! I started The Pint Sized Traveler in 2018 to show you just how easy and accessible travel can be. At the start of 2018, I quit my job to travel to over 30 countries. In 2019, I moved to Bali where I started my company Wraps & Whatever. Whenever I'm not working you can find me at the Indonesian night market trying local dishes or on the beach with my camera!

Vacations abroad can be overwhelming, especially in destinations like Bali that have so much to offer. I have used my expert knowledge of Bali to create ready-made itineraries that will help you have a stress-free and adventure-filled trip to Bali. My ready-made itineraries are extremely detailed and give you a cost breakdown for each day and each activity. I've done all of the research to make sure the activities, restaurants, and accommodations are worth your time and money. My itineraries will map out your entire trip from beginning to end, however, they can also be altered to your liking. Feel free to add activities, or mix and match my itineraries to truly make your next Bali adventure your own!




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